Old Wine 2001-2002
Updated June 2005

Kitty at 4.
Leica M6 Classic 0.72, Viso III, 280/f4.8.

Ted Runs the Hurdles. Ted at 5.
Leica M6 Classic 0.72 Viso III, 280/f4.8

Kitty at 3. Haagen Daz.
35 summilux, pre-asph @ 1.4. This was on a Kodak T400CN, a chromogenic film, which generally performs nicely but comes back from the C-41 process so schmutzy that I stopped using it.

Just a blow up of the above. Besides seeing the dust and scratches in even more horrendous detail, I think it shows the old Summilux ain't so bad.

Camera: Leica M6 classic 0.72
Lens: Leitz 280/f4.8, 35 summilux f1.4
Film: Fuji Neopan 1600 (1st 2) Kodak T400CN
Scan: Minolta Scan Multi, Hamrick Vuescan, Cinepaint, Fedora 1 Linux