NYC, Night, Friends and Digital
Trying out the Fuji FinePix F30, the 300 buck pocket camera with the 3200 speed chip on its shoulder. The camera appeared inexpensive enough to justify the digital's inevitably accelerated depreciation, moreover its high-speed capability makes the Fuji uniquely attractive for someone generally averse to xenoluminescent imagery.
I am militantly luddite, and the pack-of-card-sized chrome package avoids offending my anti-digital sensibilities by making no pretense at rivalling my beloved Leicas. The F30 powers up to shooting trim with admirable urgency, and shutter lag is usually impressively short. For what it is, the F30's only real downsides to me are the less-common xD memory card as opposed to the SD, and that the camera does not act as a USB MSD device. However, it implements PTP, so I can use gphoto2 to transfer images to linux.
The following images were downscaled and gently sharpened (radius 0.1, amount=50%) to compensate for smoothing left by cubic interpolation. Two images were slightly rotated to compensate for poor composition on the part of the photographer. No other manipulations including changing colors, levels, contrast, curves were entertained. The gimp and ImageMagick were used for scaling and sharpening.

Hawking phosphorescent tsotchke to the tourists on 7th Ave and 51st, right behind work, 1/44s f2.8 ISO3200

My old PaineWebber building, renamed the UBS building, my haunts since 1993. 1/12s f2.8 ISO3200

Back Seat Driver 1/25s f2.8 ISO3200

Random Building taken out the window of a cab careening on two wheels. 1/74s f2.8 ISO1600

Random Tour Bus out the cab window. 1/44 f2.8 ISO1600

Yang, Rob & Sara at the Back Fence on Bleeker street. A bunch of fellow business school alumni called an impromptu get-together.
This and the following photos are taken at what I would term irresponsibly slow shutter speeds and horrific yellowish lighting, suitable for a loud and crowded downtown bar, but less amenable to available-light shooting. 1/8 f2.8 ISO3200

Dee at the Back Fence. 1/4s f2.8 ISO3200

Dee, Sara, Joe. Original B&W capture. 1/7s f2.8 ISO3200

Sara and husband 1/6s f2.8 ISO3200

Classmates Jen and Dee with me, taken by a friend, who cheated and used flash. 1/60s f2.8 ISO800, flash

Random Firehouse downtown. 1/58s f2.8 ISO1600

Fuji Finepix F30, Aug 18 2006