Long Beach Island Summer 2002

June 2002

We rented a house for a week at Long Beach Island the last weekend in June 2002. Our friends Dan and Rosemarie owned the house next door, so we saw a lot of each other.

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Leica M6, Mostly Noctilux, Delta 100
01beach 02sunset 03sunset 04momreta 05babybeach 06dinner 07dinner 08viola 09.joker 10scoobydoo 11tedwall 12beach 13beach 14train 16train 23sunset 24sunset 25reflection 26sunset 27sunset 28turtle 29turtle 36greta 37greta 38tv 39greta
Contax T, Neopan 1600 @ EI 800
17restaurant 18bathtup
Ted and Kit's work with Ilford Disposable, HP5+
32dadkit 33beach 34rorodan 35momdad 19momdadkit 21teddad
A few Holga pictures, Delta 100
40kittywave 42holga 53family
Fuji GS645 Folding Camera, HP5+ 220
43tedbay 44kittedbay 45tv 46rorogreta 47momgreta 48kidssunset
Hasselblad Images, HP5+ 220
49rorodan 50familyportrait 51momgreta