Hai Karate!
Teddy Gets his Stripe

February 23, 2002

Ted's just started going to Tiger Schulman's Karate. After your tenth class, you are awarded a stripe on your belt in a simple ceremony. This was Teddy's day.

In the Dojo, but not paying attention. (90AA @ 2.0)

In the seiza position, but not paying attention. (90AA @ 2.0)

The stripe ceremony. The crowd roars. (90AA @ 2.0)

Did you know you are never supposed to wash your belt because it symbolically contains the spirit of your hard training? (90AA @ 2.0)

Osu! (90AA @ 2.0)

Camera: Leica M6 0.85 Classic
Lenses: Leica 90mm F2.0 APO Aspheric Summicron
Film: Fuji NeoPan 1600 @ E.I. 800, Xtol (1+3)