Winter 2001/2002 Snapshots
Winter 2001/2002

Continuing to chronicle the significant and minor events of the Shinozuka family.

Greta in a familiar pose. (90AA @ 2.0)

Greta's first solid food. A baby moment. (Contax)

Conflagration in row 3 of the Suburban. (Contax)

Taking Mom out for her birthday, January 8. (Contax)

Ted's first movie. Monsters Inc. Just the men went out to see it. (Contax)

Ted and Greta (Contax).

Ted and Kitty (Contax).

Haagen Daz in Ridgewood. (Contax).

Haagen Daz in Ridgewood. (Contax).

Cameras: Top: Leica M6 0.85 Classic, Rest: Contax T
Lenses: Top: Leica 90mm F2.0 APO Aspheric Summicron, Rest: Contax Zeiss 38mm f2.8 Sonnar
Film: Top: Ilford HP5+ @ E.I. 400, Xtol(1+3), Rest: Fuji NeoPan 1600 @ E.I. 800, Xtol (1+3)