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Halloween Parade, Another Birthday 2007 (Leica R)

Halloween, Birthday 2007 (Leica)

Tribute to Kyle Cassidy's Armed America Smash Book Release

Kids, Summer (Canon, Leica R)

More Kids, Summer (Canon, Leica R)

Summer NYLUG meeting (Fuji)

Kids 2006 (Fuji)

The Archives

Playing with That Low Light Fuji (Fuji) Dad and Grad (Kodak)
Old Wine 2001-2002 (Leica) Hawaii! (Kodak Easyshare)

Xenotar! (Linhof)

Beach 20002 (Leica et al)
Reagan Jacobs' Birthday Party (Leica)

Slumming with a P&S Digital!! (Nikon Coolpix)

Niagra Falls November 2002 (Leica et al) Niagra Falls II November 2002 (Leica et al)
Hai Karate! (Leica) Outside with the Kids (Leica)
Snapshots Winter 01/02 (Leica Contax)

Margaret's Baptism (Leica)

Dad's Day at School (Leica)

Spring in January (Leica)

Barber Shop, Ridgewood N.J. (Leica)

December Snapshots (Contax)

Decorating the Tree (Leica)

Christmas Card Photos (Hasselblad, Leica)

Autumn Lux (3 Pages) (Leica)

Autumn Flex (Hasselblad Flexbody)

Kitty's Dance Birthday (Leica)

Halloween 2001 (Leica)

Bowling After Work (Leica)

Shinozuka Kids (Hasselblad Flexbody)

Margaret (Nov 2001) (Leica)

The World Trade Center Remembered (Nikon)

First Summer Photos with the Noctilux (July 2001) (Leica)

Chess Photos (August 2001) (Leica)

Late July 2000 (Rolleiflex)
Arizona 1988 (Hasselblad)
July 2000
Zoo (Rollei) (July 2000)
My Real Old Photos (Hasselblad)
Spring 2000 Bronx Zoo (Rolleiflex)
End of Summer 1999 (Contax T2)
Fall 1999 (Contax T2)
Grandpa's Visit (1999)
Kitty's Birthday
Halloween (1999)
Christmas (1999)
Jan/Feb 2000
March/April 2000
Blue's Clue's Live (April 2000)
Easter 2000
Spring 2000

March 1999 Photos
April May 1999 Photos
 Summer 1999 Pictures Pt 1
 Summer 1999 Pictures Pt 2
 1999 Family Pictures
 Teddy's 2nd Birthday (1999)
 Saturday in the Park (1999)

January 1999 Photos
Christine's Page (1998/1999)
 December 1998 Photos
More Teddy Pictures (1998)
Extended Family Page (1998)
Teddy's Original Web Page (1998)

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